The Interim Assistance Program is designed to assist individuals who are permanently or temporarily disabled with case management, rental assistance and supportive services while they pursue Social Security Income (SSI/DI) and/or transition back to employment.  Funding is limited.

Qualified applicants must:

  1. Be a Missoula County resident;
  2. Qualify for SNAP (food stamps) and meet the income criteria for a Interim Assistance Program number (generally this means that an individual must earn less than $282 per month);
  3. Have a medically verifiable disabling condition that precludes employment and/or qualifies the applicant for SSI/DI;
  4. Be ineligible for all other forms of assistance (for example: an individual with dependent children must apply for a TANF cash grant at the Office of Public Assistance).

Referral Process:
Referring agencies may call the Interim Assistance Program directly to schedule an intake appointment or give the contact information to their client.  The program sees individuals by appointment only.

Please make contact with the program through Human Resource Council's Missoula Office.

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